Modern take on classics like Space Hulk and Space Crusade.

Game currently has 3 levels and 3 different weapons.

Reach the objective at the top to beat the level.

AI has been taught to play the game using deep learning

Make sure to use full screen so that the UI shows up correctly.


  • Move camera: Arrow keys
  • Move units: W and S
  • Turn: A and D
  • Shoot: Space
  • Cancel shooting: Right mouse button
  • Select units: Left mouse click


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very nice.. .(quite frankly the best version of Spacehulk I've played since the Atari Jaguar).. controls well thought out, (perfect "one hand game".. play the game with your Left hand, and drink a beer with your Right)

also.. you got discord? here is my discord channel, your 40K stuff is better than mine.

Glad to hear that you liked it. Thanks for the invite. I joined your channel.