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After a long journey of raiding and booty-finding, the Scallywags must return to port! But how will they survive the journey with such a skeleton crew?

'Scallywags!' is a chaotic, couch co-op game where you and your friends need to survive the journey over the open seas. However, this is easier said than done as everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!


Keep your ship from sinking and protect your treasure from the many dangers of the high seas!

Keyboard (limited to 2 players):

The game is meant for 2-4 players, though you can still play it alone. Players can join the game during the round.

Player 1 

  • WASD to move, 
  • Left Alt to Jump, 
  • Left Shift to pick up items and join the game (hold down and release to throw them)
  • Left Ctrl to use an item/interact with an item

Player 2

  • Arrow Keys to move,
  • Right Alt to Jump,
  • Right Shift to Pick up items and join the game (hold down and release to throw them), 
  • Right Ctrl to use an item/interact with an item.

Controllers (up to 4 players, Xbox controllers only):

  • Left Stick to move, 
  • A to jump, 
  • X to Pick up items (hold down and release to throw them), 
  • B to use an item/interact with an item.
  • Y to yell at your fellow shipmates.

Please answer short survey after playing so we can improve the game. Thanks!



Scallywags_week8_win 745 MB
Scallywags_week8_macos 749 MB
Scallywags_week8_linux 761 MB

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